The Next Adventure: Colorado State Parks

For a very early birthday present, my parents got me a Colorado State Parks Pass. So far, I’ve visited five (Spinney Mountain, Eleven Mile Lake, Lory, Mueller, Castlewood Canyon). I tried to get the little passports that they can stamp at the parks visitor centers, but unfortunately they don’t sell them there anymore.

Here starts my blog photo passport. These are pictures from Lory State Park outside of Fort Collins.


And… here are pictures from today’s adventure to Castlewood Canyon State Park:



Next Move?

Hey! I’m wondering if anyone knows about living in Denver, Colorado. I live up in the high Rocky Mountains and am wanting to make my next move to Denver. I want to continue my education with a Masters Degree in the science of adult aging and wellness so I think Denver would be a good move for a larger community and more opportunities. 

I’m still young, I have time; I want to enjoy and experience life before I get into a career/family which will be living my life not just for me but for other people… but that being said, I want to make changes in my life. I want to get a career. I want that driven feeling I used to have so much of come back. I have the passion, now I just have to make the complete effort. 

So…. anyone know of apartments to rent from in Denver? (I am also VERY open to options in other states).