The Next Adventure: Colorado State Parks

For a very early birthday present, my parents got me a Colorado State Parks Pass. So far, I’ve visited five (Spinney Mountain, Eleven Mile Lake, Lory, Mueller, Castlewood Canyon). I tried to get the little passports that they can stamp at the parks visitor centers, but unfortunately they don’t sell them there anymore.

Here starts my blog photo passport. These are pictures from Lory State Park outside of Fort Collins.


And… here are pictures from today’s adventure to Castlewood Canyon State Park:



The Plus Side of Change

Recently, I have never felt so proud of myself. I have accomplished a lot recently. When it comes to saying the word “proud” of myself, I definitely don’t take that lightly.

Positives: Started work at the profession I want to build my career on. Have an apartment. Getting debts paid off. Checking of legal issues that the past year ensued.

I have never just lived for myself.  In a sense, life is all my own and I’m enjoying that. I don’t feel lonely as in needing a companion, but I do miss connecting. I miss having such a connection with someone that they understand you more than you understand yourself.

I’m missing the old me. I wasn’t always a mess. I had a grasp on life. Now that I have a different life and am learning to adapt to it, I miss who I was. I may seem confident, happy, positive, and have a good outlook on my situation.

Inside: I’m feeling disappointed.  Disappointed in who I am. What I’ve lost. Who I’ve become. Why is it when all these positives are completely overshadowing the negatives I’m feeling like I don’t deserve it. I’m feeling like I don’t want it. Responsibility? Being called an inspiration by people who hardly know me? Actually succeeding in many aspects?

What I think: I’ve always been driven to succeed beyond my own expectations. Maybe when I’m actually meeting my expectations, it’s really just a new experience. This, from my past, has made me feel like I need to reach higher rather than being content with all the positives which are occurring. Is it possible for me to accept that all I’m accomplishing currently is good enough for now.. and how long is “now”?



Keep Me In Your Thoughts

Keep Me In Your Thoughts-Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers

I know it’s morning and that you need to go
You look so lovely in the morning glow
The only thing I ask is that you know
That I will keep you in my thoughts throughout the day

Another disappearing act it seems
Another conversation gone midstream
It’s never easy, when you’re gone from me
But could you keep me in your thoughts throughout the day?

Keep me in your thoughts while I’m away
Remember how it was and the words we thought to say
Darlin’ I could never be distraught
If only you would keep me in your thoughts

When you were little did you think of leaving?
How the one you chose to be with, would barely let you see him
And as I drift with the winds of every season
Girl you’re right there in my thoughts though you can’t see them

When I was little I had Sky the dinosaur
And I don’t think much of that toy anymore
But I think of you before you’re out the door
So could you keep me in your thoughts while you’re away?

Keep me in your thoughts you precious thing
Sometimes you get the honey, sometimes you get the sting
And a solitude like this cannot be bought
If only cause you keep me in your thoughts

Mountain Biking in Moab

In the past month, my parents and I have been down to Moab, Utah twice to do some mountain biking. I always enjoy a weekend away from the Roaring Fork Valley (especially before ski season) and to camp with my mom and dad always is a welcomed treat.

We camped up at Dead Horse Point and road on the Intrepid trails then went down outside of Moab to ride the North Klondike Bluffs trails. These are very diverse trails that even my 57 year old mother can ride, so I recommend these to anyone who wants a challenge but also just to enjoy riding in the desert.

North Klondike Bluffs Trails Webpage

Intrepid Mountain Bike Trails Webpage

Two days ago, I got a new (used) mountain bike as well! Now if it would just stop snowing up here in the Rockies for a few days, I could go try it out! Hopefully this afternoon after work.


This is a picture from Dead Horse Point at our lunch spot.


I start my new job working with the Aspen Skiing Company on November 3rd working with Advanced Sales. I’m excited for this change of employment and look forward to the upcoming ski season!

On a plus note as well, I have not drank even one sip of alcohol for a week and a half and feel fantastic! Tomorrow is my Friday so I think it will be acceptable to enjoy a glass of wine.. It’s always nice to give our bodies a break and little health kick to get through the flu season.

Hope all is well!

Next Move?

Hey! I’m wondering if anyone knows about living in Denver, Colorado. I live up in the high Rocky Mountains and am wanting to make my next move to Denver. I want to continue my education with a Masters Degree in the science of adult aging and wellness so I think Denver would be a good move for a larger community and more opportunities. 

I’m still young, I have time; I want to enjoy and experience life before I get into a career/family which will be living my life not just for me but for other people… but that being said, I want to make changes in my life. I want to get a career. I want that driven feeling I used to have so much of come back. I have the passion, now I just have to make the complete effort. 

So…. anyone know of apartments to rent from in Denver? (I am also VERY open to options in other states).