Anybody-Pat McGee Band

Confused and abused by
never saw the day.
Tearin’ yourself apart now,
you know you won’t stay.
All right, oh yeah, never meant to stay.

Rejected and respected for,
all that you know.
You bring it on yourself girl,
you never let go.
all right, oh yeah, never let go.

Here she stands with her head in hands and
Here she waits alone.
Here she cries and no one sighs
Waiting by the phone.

Does anybody hear you,
anyone at all.
Anybody dare to call.
Does anybody tell you,
after the fall.
Your life is now.

Never saw it comin’,
you say attention’s all you need.
Give it to yourself girl,
he’ll never set you free.
All right, oh yeah,
never set you free.

Why you want me.
A mystery that’s sure.
Better think about the ones that made it.
The ones that should.

Tell you that you’ll be the one,
how could you be blind.
So many years you’ve come from,
never walked the line,
oh yeah, never walk the line,
oh yeah oh right, never walk the line.

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