Mountain Biking in Moab

In the past month, my parents and I have been down to Moab, Utah twice to do some mountain biking. I always enjoy a weekend away from the Roaring Fork Valley (especially before ski season) and to camp with my mom and dad always is a welcomed treat.

We camped up at Dead Horse Point and road on the Intrepid trails then went down outside of Moab to ride the North Klondike Bluffs trails. These are very diverse trails that even my 57 year old mother can ride, so I recommend these to anyone who wants a challenge but also just to enjoy riding in the desert.

North Klondike Bluffs Trails Webpage

Intrepid Mountain Bike Trails Webpage

Two days ago, I got a new (used) mountain bike as well! Now if it would just stop snowing up here in the Rockies for a few days, I could go try it out! Hopefully this afternoon after work.


This is a picture from Dead Horse Point at our lunch spot.


I start my new job working with the Aspen Skiing Company on November 3rd working with Advanced Sales. I’m excited for this change of employment and look forward to the upcoming ski season!

On a plus note as well, I have not drank even one sip of alcohol for a week and a half and feel fantastic! Tomorrow is my Friday so I think it will be acceptable to enjoy a glass of wine.. It’s always nice to give our bodies a break and little health kick to get through the flu season.

Hope all is well!


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